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Increased sales via
Ongoing strategic
support and maintenance

Wild Rose Florist

Wild Rose Florist is a small florist who have eagerly engaged the internet to stabilise and grow their business.  Weboo has worked with them for over 4 years to enhance their online sales and improve their effectiveness online.

The current version of the Wild Rose Florist web site is a complete ecommerce system for purchasing flowers and associated products.

Wild Rose Florist are convinced that the internet will be a primary growth channel for them and Weboo is supporting them all the way.

Weboo have provided SEO, site optimisation, branding, design, development, support, maintenance, and hosting to Wild Rose Florist.  Their traffic and sales have grown constantly since beginning to work with Weboo.

Weboo has helped us to grow our business online over the last 4 years through ongoing support and assistance. Weboo’s understanding of web sites, search engines, and online marketing has meant we can make confident business decisions.

We are now using the 3rd web site that Weboo has delivered, each version has suited our business as we have grown and expanded our site over time to suit the needs of our business and our budget.

We are looking forward to working with Weboo in the future to continue to improve our web site’s sales and reach.

Rod Jennings, Wild Rose Florist